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membership fee = 500.00
Boxing session
Session Fee = 200.00
Walk In Fee = 250.00
Advance Session (Minimum of 5) = 750.00
Unlimited Monthly = 3,000.00

Muay Thai Session
Session = 300.00
Walk In Session = 350.00
Advance Session (5 sessions minimum = 1,000.00
Unlimited Monthly = 3,500.00

Special Offer

We offer group and students discounts..We have the lowest and the cheapest fitness gym in the town yet it has clean facilities and freindly trainers and staffs

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216 Katipunan Avenue, Blue ridge A, Quezon City

Phone: 440-3680 /682-3196

Hours: Everyday 6am -9pm

How To Order

Contact us at 440-3680 or 682-3196

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: